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The DrumMantra 3030 is a premium training course designed to strengthen your fundamental sense of time, rhythm, phrasing, coordination, odd time signatures, polymetric relationships, and much more…

Develop an effective practice regimen with the 3030 and begin playing with more confidence and mastery today.

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30 Focused Minutes A Day

Lots of drummers spend between 3 and 5 hours a week in the practice room but rarely follow a clear, consistent routine. The biggest challenge is staying focused, followed by constantly second guessing whether they are working on the “right stuff.”

The DrumMantra 3030 is a “cross-training” course designed to develop multiple foundational drumming skills at once.

The length and sequence of each exercise was carefully crafted to develop muscle memory, focus, patience, feel, groove, and technique.

The goal of the course is to deepen the ability to quickly and efficiently express creative and appropriate musical ideas in the moment.

“DrumMantra” means rhythmic repetition with focused attention. Each rhythmic “mantra” is played repetitively for a duration required to begin developing muscle memory. When muscle memory of a pattern is achieved, it can be expressed in a musical way with ease and confidence.

What Is Covered In The DrumMantra 3030?

  • Exercises in three different time signatures: 4/4, 3/4, and 5/4
  • 5 different stickings -
  • Accent permutations and pulse displacements
  • The “Moving Click”
  • Comprehensive and in-depth coordination study of the 3:4 and 5:4 polymetric relationships
  • Advanced phrasing concepts and rhythmic reading
  • Progressive coordination between the hands and one foot
  • Three “meditations,” which are exercises that last around 35 minutes without stopping
  • Develop the ability to discern a 1bpm change in tempo through exercises designed to train your internal clock
  • Drum set modifications

The DrumMantra 3030

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  • 30 high quality, 1080p HD videos with over 15 hours of practice material
  • Over 125 original play along compositions
  • Downloadable pdf of each day's exercises. Over 200 pages!
  • Daily emails for motivation, inspiration, and guidance
  • Weekly live video Q&A chats
  • Lifetime access to the course material
  • Exclusive access to the DrumMantra 3030 Slack Chat Room where you can ask for help and chat with other learners
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Meet Rich Stitzel

Drummer, Composer, Author, & Educator

I’m the creator of The DrumMantra system, and author of The Foundational Series and The Primary Series books.

I have been a professional player and educator since 1991 and have dedicated the past ten years to developing a method of practice that is helping drummers all over the world.

The DrumMantra3030 is is a course that brings many of these concepts to life. I dedicated 4-6 hours a day, everyday, for 3 months to create the exercises, sequencing, play-alongs, and videos to make the 3030 an effective and powerful practice tool for you.

I can say with confidence that the 3030 will address the core issues in your playing and quickly take you the next level. With a deeper understanding of time, rhythm, phrasing, coordination, odd time signatures, and polymetric relationships, your playing will reach a whole new level.

" A great 30 day course that I guarantee will improve your feel, timing and independence! I recommend this course to all my students and will do it again myself. "

Stefan V.
The Hague, Netherlands

" This past week was a building block and after today I’m feeling more confident and relaxed. My mental focus has improved within the week and I feel it has impacted me as a teacher. Thanks Rich and everyone on this journey! I’m inspired everyday to become a better musician and educator by being apart of this project! Thanks guys! "

Josh B.
Denver, Colorado

" A definitive workout about polyrhythms, about melodies inside them, about hearing yourself inside the rhythms. It would also let doors to be opened, if you find new ways to apply the material. Definitely, it would make you a better drummer, and would greatly increase your sense of rhythm. Beautiful material. "

Carlos P.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

" Love this course. You really develop an understanding of time in different time signatures throughout the course! I’ve noticed an improvement in my playing! "

Gustavo R.
Plainfield, Illinois

" The DrumMantra 3030 project is a great resource for all drummers and musicians alike. By committing to this course and the philosophy of the DrumMantra practice you will gain a greater understanding of time, rhythmic awareness, concentration, and musicianship. You will learn and be challenged from this course, learn how to learn because of this course, and you will be a better musician and person. Happy Drumming! Cheers! "

Bradley G.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

" DrumMantra3030 is such a fun way to become a better drummer!! Highly recommended!!
You'll feel the improvement right AWAY!! "

Geo M.
Hollywood, California

" The DrumMantra 3030 is a great resource to learn from and is now apart of my daily morning routine even after the 30 days have been up. It has made me more rhythmically aware, it’s helped build upon my timing and independence, and with very detailed play along tracks to assist you the whole time, my accuracy, feel, and ear has improved. I highly recommend trying it for yourself! "

Ryan C.
Bowmanville, Ontario

" I took the July 2018 DrumMantra3030 course and it really was one of the best decisions I could have made. "

Darren B.
Paris, France

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I have complete confidence that the DrumMantra 3030 course will be an absolute game changer for your playing. In 30 days you will have an opportunity to view the enitre course. If you decide it isn't for you, simply contact me and I will immediately give you a 100% refund…no questions asked.

Rich Stitzel

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